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Figure 1
Sculpey Clay Pumpkin

I love crafts

I love crafts.  Any kind.  My husband just shakes his head.  "Where are we going to put the stuff from the next visit to A.C. Moore, Michaels or Hobby Lobby?  We have got to get rid of some of the stuff you already have before you buy more."  He suggested I sell some of the finished products.  He's a computer programmer so I said; "make me a web site and I'll put some of it up for sale."  This web site is the result.  My family members like crafts as much as I do so I asked them if they wanted to sell their items on this site also.  The idea grew so this has become a portal for my family to sell their crafts and collectibles.  Enjoy shopping or just browsing for ideas.  If you have a question in any section please email me or the owner of the section, her (or his) contact information is available on each page.

Note to people without eBay or Paypal accounts:  I use my eBay store to handle transactions for my items.  If you do not have an eBay or Paypal account, please contact me at and I will send you an invoice for any item(s) you wish to purchase.  You may pay by money order or personal check (check must clear the bank prior to shipment).